Signing Plate

Signing plates are a great way to remember your wedding!

All the guests at your wedding leave a lasting message for you.

The signing plate costs £100.

Signing Plate

We make everything as easy as possible:-

pink_dot     E-mail us at and tell us what design you would like.

pink_dot     Once you have approved your design and paid a deposit of £50 you are sent a framed sheet on which are a layout of the plate and instructions for your guests

pink_dot     Everybody at your wedding signs this sheet. They are not writing on a curved plate so it is easy for them to sign. There are also no problems with smudging other names.

pink_dot     After the wedding you return the frame and signed sheet.

( We will supply all the packing and postage. )

pink_dot     We will then scan the image and make it into a transfer.

( It is possible to correct any mistakes at this stage. )

pink_dot     The transfer is applied to the plate and fired to 800 deg C so that it sinks into the surface of the glaze. This means it will never fade or scratch off.

pink_dot     The finished plate is sent to you (3-4 weeks later) and the balance of payment is due.

pink_dot     The plate is yours to treasure, along with the great memories it will bring back to you!

More information

pink_dot     The plate will take about 50 signatures ( and a few comments ).

pink_dot     We do not have any standard designs for the centre, we like to make each one unique. Let us know what you would like and we will send you a possible layout.

pink_dot     The rim of the plate can be coloured to match a theme of your wedding.

pink_dot    The price includes VAT and UK delivery, for non-UK orders carriage is charged at cost.